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Residential watercolour workshops in idyllic setting

Five beautiful non sharing rooms

Stay in this beautiful Georgian house with full board, whilst you enjoy Gilly's classes in her teaching studio in the grounds.

Non residential students welcome too.

Click the links below for Gilly's website, and air B&B for accommodation info 

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All About Me

A Natural tutor

Gilly Marklew specialises in representational watercolour painting, however, the techniques and approaches taught in Gilly's workshops, equip the artist with building blocks and techniques to take away and apply to their own self expression, for Gilly's teaching video's click on the get in touch button below left


Learn how to paint with watercolours

 with experienced tutor Gilly Marklew

Gilly Marklew is offering watercolour painting workshops for absolute beginners, intermediates and advanced students, in a fun and structured way, where you can learn techniques before applying them to paintings suited to your level.

Gilly is also offering residential classes in her idyllic Norfolk home, for more information visit air b&b Lundy green Georgian house in idyllic setting


What I Offer

Whatever your previous experience, Gilly has a track record of taking you up to the next level.

beginners monthly workshops, starting 10th sept 2019

£45.00 per workshop 10-4.00p.m.

To book email Gilly

This is the first of a series of monthly whole day workshops in watercolours for beginners.
This is aimed at students who have never painted in watercolour before, for those who have previously attended a beginners watercolour workshop with me, or for those who have painted before but need to overcome some common painting hurdles.
Whichever level you are at, Gilly will cater for your individual needs on the first workshop, and gradually streamline you as the workshops progress.
It is the aim of these workshops to enable the student to paint competent representational watercolours, and learn in a way which is enjoyable and absorbing.
These monthly workshops are ideal for those with busy lives who cannot commit to weekly classes, and want longer than the few hours weekly classes normally give them to consolidate what they are learning in a progressive way.
Gilly also offers email support so students can practice between workshops, and a residential option for those travelling from further afield.
It is intended that these workshops continue indefinitely and carry the student from beginner to improver and beyond.
The price advertised is per workshop, and can be paid at the time of the workshop, however it must be stressed that these workshops are sequential and progressive, meaning that you will be unable to successfully complete a class if the previous one has been missed, especially the first one.

Improvers painting

An example of how an improvers painting can progress to an advanced level

Advanced class painting

An example of an advanced student painting

For a taster of Gilly's teaching style click on the 'contact me' button below to see Gilly's teaching video's for beginners at Art tutor.com


All About Me

I qualified as an adult education tutor in 2003, and have loved teaching students ever since, my experience has taught me how to structure my courses to the needs of my students in a fun and informative way, which helps students overcome some common painting hurdles to help build confidence. Find out more about Gilly's teaching style, with her online teaching video's.

For more information on Gilly's qualification, please go to her website.

Or click the links for some paintings in progress.


Lessons I Provide

Making Learning More Enjoyable

Beginner building blocks

Success in beginners watercolour painting depends on starting out having a tutor who understands how to teach the basic building blocks of application technique before moving on to more explorative work, without this, the student may be left wondering what they are supposed to be doing, Gilly understands this and has a step by step structured approach on a very basic level, leaving no one behind.

She also offers after class online support with an illustrated outline of the workshop, so students can re cap what they have learned throughout the day, and practice at home.


Intermediate workshops

I love taking students to the next level, once they have developed basic application skills from the beginners workshop, and watch them gain in confidence to produce competent watercolour paintings.

Advanced watercolours

 Gilly is an award winning watercolour artist, and has taken absolute beginners to being exhibiting and award winning artists in their own right, once a good competence at application is achieved, students can then explore composition, colour theory, perspective and much more, as well as knowing how and where to exhibit.

Relax between classes

Stay over the night before, or relax after the workshop in the idyllic house and grounds of Grove Farmhouse


What I Offer

Results That Last

Monthly intermediate workshops

Gilly provides monthly watercolour workshops for intermediate students, the current workshops for spring 2019 are on texture with granulation medium, and are aon the following dates, 
8th May
12th June
17th July


Beginner Fundamentals

Gilly will be starting a brand new monthly watercolour for beginners workshops starting Tuesday the 10th of Sept 2019, these workshops are aimed at complete beginners, and those who have painted before, but would like to get to grips with application techiniques, these workshops will be sequential, and intended to take students to improvers, intermediates and then advanced, all Gilly's classes are £45.00 for the day 10-4.00 please contact Gilly for a booking


painting holiday

Watercolour painting holiday with Gilly Marklew at How hill Ludham on the norfolk broads

Join Gilly in an exploration of the effects of light in watercolour, in this painting holiday

 learn how to create atmospheric paintings by replacing detail with texture, and using different watercolour mediums to create this effect.

Gilly is a qualified adult education tutor and has been teaching all levels for 16 years.

This course is aimed at those who have some experience of watercolour.

For those with no experience, Gilly is running a preparation workshop for beginners in her south Norfolk studio in spring 2019

all materials and equipment supplied for beginners workshop.

For more information contact Gilly 


01508 499070

Holiday dates are Monday the 5th to Thursday the 8th of August

The course fee is £395.00 for full board and tuition.


Watercolour workshops in idyllic setting


Find out more about how my specialized teaching style has helped past and present students.

Gilly's teaching studio overlooking one of the ponds

Teaching studio


Student activity

Gilly's students learning about colour in composition


Student activity

Gilly's students creating a colour and light composition with themselves


Student exercise

Gilly's students translating what they have learned about colour and composition to sourcing their own still life


Gilly Marklew was my art tutor in watercolour for four years from 2013-2017. She was based at Comberton Village College, Cambridgeshire. I joined Gilly’s tutorials after retirement having not painted since studying A Level Art in the 1970s. Encouraged by Gilly, I am now painting and exhibiting regularly in Cambridge and the local region for the Society for East Anglian Watercolourists and The Cambridge Drawing Society.

Gilly focussed on planning, preparation and plenty of painting practice in her classes. She encouraged her students to develop and keep returning to the basics (wet-on-wet washes, wet-on-dry, dry brush strokes), to experiment (with new paint brands, colours, additives), to concentrate on tonal contrasts and value masses and to think carefully about composition, both inside of the classroom and outdoors. 

Gilly demonstrated these techniques regularly and illustrated her sessions with different genres of watercolour art and different artists both new and old. Gilly gave me a love of art and a range of artists and an appreciation of colour, content and composition.


I have attended Gilly’s watercolour painting class since the spring term of 2012, having found her on line and decided to try and see.  Gilly is an inspiring teacher who, as a brilliant artist also has the ability to teach in a way that encourages and inspires the student.  Every lesson is different and interesting, Gilly teaches the different techniques used in watercolour and often refers to historical or modern artists for illustration for her lessons.  I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of her class for the last 5 years and have learnt so much from her and absolutely recommend her classes to anyone who wants to learn how to paint in watercolours.

Scilla Devenish


Gillian Marklew is a gifted and inspirational teacher. As well as being a very accomplished watercolour artist, she is such a rare thing as an art teacher who loves teaching and who does it brilliantly. Her lessons are always fun and inspirational, as well as being well structured and filled with practical as well as theoretical information, which is put into practice during the class. She also provides comprehensive handouts, which are very useful both in class and also when painting at home.

Gilly is very hands-on and practical. She is very methodical and will guide the students through the various stages of the painting. She teaches all aspects of painting from general colour theory and composition to particular aspects of the watercolour medium, such as the ratio of water in the brush and on the paper, the difference between pigments, how to lay down washes, when to carry on working on a wet paper and when to stop and leave the paint to dry before continuing – all the things which are so important and will make a painting successful or will ruin it and turn it into mud. She also refers to paintings by other artists as examples of the topic of the day (e.g. using complementary colours) and for inspiration.

Gilly is also sensitive to different students’ levels of experience and will guide each student according to their needs. She always gives friendly and encouraging feedback, and will also point out where and how you can improve your painting. She is always available for questions and will give clear and comprehensible advice.

I have been to Gilly’s residential summer courses for the last six years and also to some of her day classes in Norfolk. I always find her classes very enjoyable, and I always come away feeling I have learnt new, inspiring and useful things, and I have often produced a picture I would have regarded as impossible before receiving Gilly’s expert and friendly tuition.

I can highly recommend Gilly to anyone who wants to embark on the journey of learning watercolour painting and to those who have already started and wish to continue the journey. You will learn about the wonderful process of painting with this beautiful medium – and you will have lots of fun!

Marita Byrne


Contact Me

Grove Farmhouse, Lundy green, Hempnall, Norwich, Norfolk, NR15 2NU

01508 499070

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